International Journal of LNCT

ISSN (Online):2456-9895



Volume-1 Issue-1 August-2017

[1]  Dynamic energy distribution system for a smart grid

Anil Gupta, Shefali Sinha and Manish Khemariya

This paper focuses on the direction of improvement of integrity and applicability of building energy distribution systems (BEDS) using smart grid. The research also focuses on the efforts to overcome certain lacks of modern simulation applications. The system is developed using new modelling schemes which helpful in environmental control systems. The system is the combination of advanced simulation setting thus can be applied in practical. The detection of advanced architectural plans and the progress of original and combined energy conversion, storage, and distribution technologies presents a challenge for BEDS tools.

[2]  Multi-Stage security of shared dynamic cloud data with automatic group user revocation

Madhurima Sharma and Rachana Dubey

The security of the information while sharing is very necessary as it is possible to multiple users. The privacy of the content is needed to protect simultaneously maintaining the shared access to authorized users. In this work while managing the privacy as well as security if shared data some added and layers of security is proposed. The group users while accessing the shared information will be blocked on first wrong attempt and need administrator permission to get login access. Even all the data are encrypted with keys so that with wrong keys and authorization credentials no one will be able to access the shared data. These multiple layers increasing the protection of user shared data.

[3]  A survey on path completion and various techniques in web usage mining

Varun Dixit and Abhishek Dwivedi

Web mining is an application of data mining that uses a variety of algorithms and techniques to take out valuable information from web documents or patterns from user access. There are three categories of Web mining which use data to be mined. The Primary source of data in web usage mining is the log at server. There are some additional data source are also use for some user and some application which includes log on client side and Proxy side log. Path completion is a significant and complex task in the pre-processing stage of web usage mining.

[4]  A Review on pattern formation including fault tolerance in swarm robots

Shanu K Rakesh and Manish Srivastava

Swarm mechanical autonomy depends on the qualities shown by the creepy crawlies and their settlement and is connected to take care of genuine issues using multi-robot frameworks. Inquire about in this field has shown the capacity of such robot frameworks to gather, investigate, scatter, total and take after trails. An arrangement of portable and independent robots which has extremely limited abilities can shape mind boggling designs in nature they possess. Be zigzag as it may, setting of selection robots to accomplish such undertakings council a exam business. Slab order is pair of the plant issues in the stretch of multi-robot savoir faire. Surplus to used multi-robot correction algorithm, the way based on thrive robots to decipher the affair of succession pick has repair scalability and acting rubberises and brawniness. The swarm robots have only local perception and very limited local communication abilities, so one of the challenging tasks while designing swarm robotic systems with desired collective behavior is to understand the effect of individual behavior on the group performance. So fault tolerance is another issue to deal with. This paper audits the foundation information and some recognizable accomplishments in the field of example development and adaptation to internal failure.

[5]  Analysis of cascaded multilevel inverter for solar photo voltaic cell

Vijay Singh Rajpoot,Vikram Singh and AmolBarve

In thismanuscript a modular cascaded H-bridge multilevel photovoltaic (PV) inverter for single phase applications have been presented. To realize better utilization of PV modules and maximize the solar energy extraction, a distributed maximum power point tracking control scheme is applied to both single phase multilevel inverters, which allows independent control of each dc-link voltage Out of different structures of multi-level inverters, Cascaded H Bridge (CHB) inverter is more suitable converter for PV applications since each PV panel can act as a separate DC source for each cascade H bridge module.Theungentlemanly strive for of this assembly is to separate the 11-level 13-level 15-level 17-level 19-level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter. In this paper the different parameters (like voltage, current, THD) in 11-level 13-level and 15-level 17-level 19-level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter are observed. By these observations it can be seen that the total harmonic distortion is reduced with the increase the levels of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter and also as the levels increases the output approaches to the sine wave. Simulation works are done in MATLAB/Simulink.