International Journal of LNCT

ISSN (Online):2456-9895



Volume-5 Issue-23 Month April-2021


Salman Mansoori & Dr Sachin Tiwari

Continuous growth and development of a country are measured by the increasing energy demand. In the countries like India major geographical part is covered by rural areas which either do not have access to electricity or connected to the weak/unstable distribution grid. In this study, the solar and the wind has been installed on the roof top of the Science and Technology Building and the sub control room for solarand wind is also set up adjacent to the installation on the same roof. The biogas power generating system including digester, gas engine, gas cleaning system and synchronizer, the VRF battery, main control panel and the SCADA system based on Lab VIEW software are installed within the Micro-grid centre. The cable has been laid underground from sub control room to Micro-grid Centre which is about 500m away. The main control panel is connected with load as well as local grid. Holistically, thischapter describes the establishment of the micro-grid within IIEST campus.