International Journal of LNCT

ISSN (Online):2456-9895



Volume-5 Issue-27 Month Dec-2021


Shivani Yadav & Dr Shailendra Dwivedi

Human demand for new energy sources is urgent, because the traditional fossil energy is unable to meet human needs, and the fossil resource will make pollution, in this situation, solar energy gradually comes into the vision of scientists. As science advances, humans can already extensively use of solar energy to generate electricity. Solar energy is an inexhaustible and clean energy. India is a developing country and, as a developing country, its energy needs are increasing day to day and to meet all those energy needs that we require to find alternative ways through which we can meet all our energy requests. Therefore, we must move towards renewable energy sources and among all renewable sources The Solar energy is a large amount favorable energy source as all the available energy is available throughout the year. Sunís Solar radiation differs based on geographic location. To get the most out of solar devices such as a solar cell, a solar panel; the only need is that they are economic in economic terms, their level of absorption must be high and be readily available. A micro-level lesson was conduct to uncover out how dust affects the overall effectiveness of the plant, in particular radiation, which will be directly linked to the consequence of the panel on the photovoltaic solar module and hereby suggested how to increase plant performance for the months of January, February, March 2021 is done.


Md Atif Alim & Prakhar Singh Bhadoria

This paper deals with the performance of electric vehicle. In this paper, performance of 2 kW BLDC motor used in electric vehicle is observed. This paper explain the PI controller based controlling of electric vehicle in simulation load condition and parameters like voltage, current, charging and discharging of battery are observed. The prime objective of this paper is to highlight the engineering and designing processes that were followed for developing an E-KART vehicle. This paper explains controlling, approach, reasons, selecting criteria and expected working of the electric parameters with primary objective is to design and manufacture a safe and efficiently functioning of electric vehicle system which is comfortable and sufficiently durable with the underlying motive of fabricating a prototype vehicle that could be. So in this paper, simulation of PI controller for electric kart is observed in MATLAB software.


Rakesh Kumar & Dr Shailendra Dwivedi

The thought process of this paper is related to design and fabrication of the Hexagonal reflector solar collector. The collector concentrates the sun powered vitality and changes over into the concentrated radiation without utilizing the concave or convex mirrors for warming or heat exchange into the water. The Hexagonal type solar reflector concentrates together coordinate radiation of the sun toward the collector. For maximizing the concentrated of radiation from reflector, which can be balanced by changing its point significant position of sun. The radiation comes from sun's vitality was changed into heat and after that heat was exchanged to the water. A design is proposed and carried out the tests. As well recognize the behavior of warming through model against of diverse position of sun and combination of angle. The perception has moreover considered that the model temperature changes and taken into the portion of heat exchange.


Salman Mansoori & Dr Sachin Tiwari

Continuous growth and development of a country are measured by the increasing energy demand. In the countries like India major geographical part is covered by rural areas which either do not have access to electricity or connected to the weak/unstable distribution grid. In this study, the solar and the wind has been installed on the roof top of the Science and Technology Building and the sub control room for solarand wind is also set up adjacent to the installation on the same roof. The biogas power generating system including digester, gas engine, gas cleaning system and synchronizer, the VRF battery, main control panel and the SCADA system based on Lab VIEW software are installed within the Micro-grid centre. The cable has been laid underground from sub control room to Micro-grid Centre which is about 500m away. The main control panel is connected with load as well as local grid. Holistically, this chapter describes the establishment of the micro-grid within IIEST campus.

[5]   Bidirectional AC-DC Microgrid system with Distributed Energy Resources: A Review

Anjana Verma & Dr Manju Khare

This paper studied to investigate energy management of the hybrid AC/DC microgrid with the high penetration of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as electrical vehicles, heat pumps, and photovoltaics. In the previous studies, energy management of the hybrid microgrid is usually carried out by the system operator in a centralized manner, which suffers from the compromise of privacy information protection and the risk of single-point failure. AC subgrid and DC subgrid, to make day-ahead schedules independently with information exchanges while obtaining the optimal energy management solution. The energy management problem of the hybrid microgrid is formulated as a mixed-integer quadratic programming (MIQP) model, considering DER and energy storage system operation constraints, system operation constraints, and converter operation constraints.

[6]   A Review on A Novel Spatiotemporal Prediction Method of Cumulative Covid-19 Cases

Niranjana Prajapati & Twinkle Sharma

Estimate methods are vital for sundry applications. In specific, an exact estimate for the total number of belongings for plagues such as the Covid-19 sickness could help medical readiness by providing in time a enough supply of taxing kits, hospital beds & medical workers. This notion experimentally equivalences the precision of ten estimate methods for the growing number of Covid-19 plague cases. These ten methods embrace 2 types of nervous networks & extrapolation methods based on best fit rectilinear, best fit quadratic equation, best fit cubic & Lagrange outburst [1], as well as an extrapolation method from Revesz [14]. We also consider the Kriging [8] & reverse distance weighting [18] spatial outburst methods. We also mature a novel spaciotemporal estimate method by uniting the Best fit linear & [18]. The trials show that among these ten estimate methods, the spatiotemporal method has the least root mean right-angled error & mean unqualified error on Covid-19 snowballing data for counties in New York State between June &July, 2020.

[7]   Automatic incident detection

Sujal Agrawal & Twinkle Sharma

Congestion has become a major hazard to a country's reduced. It not only begins loss in terms of man-hours & fuel costs, but also causes irritation amongst the public. It has become important for track operators to clear o_ congestion in a timely manner to resume the normal ow of track. This research focuses on gauging obstruction detection procedures to execute them in an Sensible Transportation System to distinguish crowding in real time. We have estimated statistical based set of rules as well pattern recognition-based algorithms to perceive nonrecurrent crowding on I-74, Futon, Iowa, USA. InterQuartile Distance based algorithms and Supervised Learning based Decision Tree and Random Forest Classier are compared and evaluated in this study.