International Journal of LNCT

ISSN (Online):2456-9895



Volume-2 Issue-8 October-2018

[1]An Extensive Survey on Fault Tolerant Parallel FFTs Using Error Correction Codes and Parseval Checks

Neha Singh and Prof. Prashant Purohit

The Fourier Transform or FFT is a mathematical operation generally utilized in many fields like image processing, digital signal processing etc. It is an important tool which is used to execute complicated calculations in many processors. In image processing applications FFT is utilized for image restoration, image filtering, image reconstruction and image analysis. High performance computing is undergoing a significant transformation, in the sense that performance is no longer the sole consideration while developing applications. Faulttolerance, which is defined as providing dependable service in spite of faults occurring or having occurred, is becoming equally important as performance. The primary goal of this examination is to analyze a computation for the Fast Fourier Transform so it will figure the Fourier Transform significantly faster and efficient for fixed length data.

[2] Evolution of Kerberos Authentication Service and Improvement in Kerberos 5

Satya and Prof. Rajkumar Sharma

Kerberos is a PC arranges convention for confirming administration asks for between confided in has over an untrusted organize, for example, the web. Kerberos is worked in to all major working frameworks, including MS Windows, Apple OS X, FreeBSD and Linux. .It deals with the premise of tickets to permit hubs conveying over a non secure system to demonstrate their character to each other in secure manner. This diminishes the danger of having confirmation information stolen by an aggressor. In this paper we demonstrate that every one of the accreditations can be removed, freely of how they are put away on the customer. This paper talks about a portion of the impediments of Version four of Kerberos and presents the arrangements given by Version five. This paper likewise uncovered the quality and shortcoming of existing framework. The proposed alteration in Kerberos 5 will be more protectable from answer attack, listening stealthily, secret key speculating assault, differential animal power assault and more valuable in cross-domain validation. Keywords- Kerberos, Kerberos 4 version, KDC, TGS, TGT.

[3] CFD Analysis of Wind Flow Over Wind Turbine

Rajendra kumar Dewangan & Prof. Sachin kumar Nikam

One of the most abundant sources of renewable energy is wind. Today, a considerable amount of resources are being utilized for research on harnessing the wind energy efficiently. Out of all the factors responsible for efficient energy production, the aerodynamics of flow around the wind turbine blades play an important role. This work aims to undertake aerodynamic analysis of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine. A steady state, incompressible flow solver for multiple reference frames, MRF Simple-Foam is modified and used for performing simulations of flow over National Renewable Energy Laboratory Phase VI wind turbine rotor. The code is first tested on a locally modeled wind turbine blade and is then validated by using the actual NREL rotor. The flow behavior is studied and a comparison of results from the simulations and the experimental wind tunnel data is presented. The ability of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques in simulating wind flow over entire wind turbine assembly is also displayed by carrying out moving mesh simulations of a full wind turbine.

[4] Power Enhancement Control Strategy for Four Leg Voltage Source Converter Using Inner Control Loop

Yogeeta & Nand kishore

This work shortly describes the model of the four-leg inverter. The management strategy of the power convertor plays a vital role to confirm reliable and economical operation of the power generation systems. thus for its efficient operation it's here projected a inner control loop controller. The controller works by variable its forgetting issue and former cycle feedback gain. The output of the inverter could be a three part AC voltage that is being fed to the load. The higher than delineate methodology may be additional integrated with the renewable energy resources that manufacture DC output. It will then be regenerate to AC voltage to be fed to the grid. Efforts has been done to investigate the thd level within the output AC voltage undulation. it's finished that if the {value|the worth} of the forgetting issue is reduced there's substantial decrease within the previous cycle feedback gain value of the inner management loop controller then the worth of the thd within the part voltage has been improved. the value of current cycle feedback gain p is kept constant to be a pair of. but additional study shows that any increase within the current cycle feedback gain will improve the thd . however the constant p is finally chosen adequate to a pair of so as to avoid excessive overshoots under transient conditions.